July Newsletter

July Newsletter

It only took a moment.  As long as it took to put on a pair of glasses, my perspective on life changed.

A little background—I have worn contact lenses since high school.  I started in glasses, and they worked well, but I preferred contacts.  All went well, with a couple of brief exceptions, for around 30 years.

Until Friday.  Friday morning, the optometrist informed me that I had an eye infection and needed to wear glasses until it cleared up.  That panicked me, because I could not immediately locate my glasses.  But I found them late Friday night, and I put them on first thing Saturday morning.

Then I felt the orientation of the world change.  My glasses are very old, and are not my current prescription.  So the first thing I noticed was the blinding sunlight, since I could not wear my sunglasses.  Then I noticed a tilt to the earth—I felt like I was walking uphill, even though the ground was fairly level. I began feeling a low-level nausea that has not yet gone away.  And when I walk, I sometimes miss a step, or run my hand against a wall so I don’t feel off-balance.

I am not at all comfortable with this.  And I know that compared to the way some of you have felt your world shift lately, it is kind of minor.  Yet it has taken most of my concentration to manage. 

I am not enjoying having to deal with the world with this kind of shift in perception.  Yet, through the headache and the nausea, the Sunday school closing program on June 22 was absolutely wonderful, reminding me that even when I am operating far from my best, God is still good and still active in the world.


Rev. Linda Willey