June Newsletter

“I believe in socks and gloves knit out of soft grey wool,

And that there’s a place in heaven for those who teach in public school.

And I know that I get some things right, But mostly I’m a fool.

I believe there’s healing in the sound of your voice,

And that a summer tomato is a cause to rejoice,

And that following a song was never really a choice. Never really.”

                        “I Believe,” by Carrie Newcomer

I have always had good luck with indoor plants, but not much luck with outdoor gardening.  So, when someone held up a plastic pot with a couple of little tomato plants and asked if I wanted them, I was a little hesitant, but thought, Sure, what the heck.  So I took them and plan to plant them soon next to the parsonage in the back yard.

Part of the yard is fenced, so the only critter I am worried about disturbing the plants is my dog, Ruthie.  In fact, she knocked the plant over on the step right before I took this picture, and I did not take that as a good omen.  But I am hopeful that if I plant them, water them, and tie them to stakes as I was instructed, the odds are very good that I might actually have a couple of tomatoes from these plants to eat this summer.

Part of that hope comes from the song I quoted above.  It came up on my playlist the same day I received the tomato plants, and I thought, “Well, I can use all the ‘causes to rejoice’ that I can get!”

A line from Psalm 31 that we read aloud in worship also came to my mind: “My times are in your hands…”  And that line took me to the verse from Ecclesiastes (and a song by Pete Seeger) that says, “There is a time for every purpose under heaven.”  Is this a time for summer tomatoes for me?  Maybe.

What kind of time is this for Fishkill United Methodist Church?  I hope in the months to come to help you discover that, as individuals and as a church.  May our time together be fruitful.


Rev. Linda Willey