May Newsletter

You may have heard that I am heading to the country of Ghana, in western Africa, in September.  I am participating in this trip that is comprised of clergy and lay people from the New York Annual Conference, put together by Bishop Martin McLee, to begin to establish a kind of sister-conference relationship between our Conference and the Ghana Methodist Church.

I am honored to be asked to participate in this journey.  My last trip to Africa was to Sierra Leone, a country close to Ghana.  It was 25 years ago—one month before I graduated from college.  It was sponsored by the University of Indianapolis.  We worked closely with Operation Classroom, a program of the North and South Conferences of Indiana to build schools in Sierra Leone and Liberia.  I was part of the team that spent our days lugging around cinderblocks and pushing wheelbarrows full of cement.  While I had a great experience (and the best tan of my life!!), I am grateful not to have to work with cinderblocks and cement this time around!

We are asked to bring a suitcase full of medical supplies on our journey, and I ask your help with this.  I have listed some of the supplies on the list, but there are many more items.  If you would like to see the full list, please let me know.  If you can help with some of the supplies I have listed, please bring your donations to the church, and I will take them with me in September.


Medical supplies wish list:

Ibuprofen, tablets or liquid

Aspirin, 325 mg

Vitamins: B Complex and C


Imodium capsules

Dressings: gauzes, bandages, examination gloves

Antihistamines: Zyrtec (can also be generic)

I will be asking for your prayers as the time of the journey approaches!  Thank you in advance for your support!



Rev. Linda Willey