April newsletter

If you have attended worship since December, you have experienced a couple of worship series that I found through the Worship Design Studio.  Throughout Advent and right after Christmas, the worship theme was “Sacred.”  During the season of Lent, we have been experiencing “Ready for a Change.”  I have found these series to be a challenge—a challenge to me personally, in being stretched to plan worship in ways I had not done so before, and a challenge to the church in how they have experienced and participated in worship in different ways.

I had originally not planned to follow a worship series for Easter, but when I saw what was being developed by the Worship Design Studio for this Easter, my mind was changed!  In a webinar, Dr. McFee, the Studio director, pointed out that most of the lectionary readings assigned to the Sundays of Easter contained the word “heart.”   

Our worship series for the Easter season, April 20, through June 8, is “The Heart of the Matter.”  The life of Jesus had one strong message that was both overt and inherent: love one another.  The heart of the matter was love.  Time and again, we hear Jesus offer the disciples a post-resurrection message of empowerment to give the world what he had given to them.  This Easter season, we will encourage one another to truly live out the heart of the matter.

April 20 - Easter          "Love is My Religion”

April 27                      “With Glad Hearts”

May 4                       "Straight from the Heart”

May 11                      “Hearts Overflowing”

May 18                      “No Trouble in My Heart”

May 25                      “Kept in Our Hearts”

June 1                       “Open the Eyes of My Heart”

June 8 - Pentecost      “The Heart of the Matter”

Please join us on Sunday mornings at 9:30 as we praise and worship God together!