February/March Newsletter

February/March Newsletter

Ready for a Change

"Repent therefore, and turn to God..." -- Acts 3:19

Lent can be a time of taking inventory of our lives. Themes of repentance became prominent as the church developed the liturgical year and Lent as a preparation for renewing dedication to the faith. To repent means literally to “Turn Around”–to find new direction. This concept of change and the change-making actions of Jesus will guide our spiritual journey this season and we will wrestle with our fear of change, the inevitability of change, the difficulty in changing and the life-giving new leaseon life and call to service that change can bring.


Join us beginning on Ash Wednesday and continuing during the Sundays of Lent:

Ash Wednesday: March 5              “Rock Bottom”

1st Sunday of Lent: March 9           “Courage”

2nd Sunday of Lent: March 16         “Ruts”

3rd Sunday of Lent: March 23         “Everything Changes”

4th Sunday of Lent: March 30         “Choices”

5th Sunday of Lent: April 6             “Solutions”

Palm Sunday: April 13            “Into God’s Future”