October Newsletter

Here we are all in one place

The wants and wounds of the human race

Despair and hope sit face to face

When you come in from the cold

Let her fill your cup with something kind

Eggs and toast like bread and wine

She’s heard it all so she don’t mind


As I think about World Communion Sunday, which will be celebrated on October 6th this year, I think of these lyrics from a song by Carrie Newcomer.  This chorus is part of a song she wrote reflecting the story of a waitress in a diner, and the customers she served. 

The gist of the song, I believe, is that Betty’s Diner is a place where people can gather, be together in fellowship, get support from one another during hard times, celebrate each other’s joys, and receive spiritual and/or physical nourishment for their journeys through life. 


I believe that, at its best, the church does this every day.  But we pay special attention to it on World Communion Sunday, because on this day, Christians all over the world will receive communion.  It is the one day a year we know we are linked to our world-wide brothers and sisters through the sacrament of Holy Communion. 


The day was first observed at Shadyside Presbyterian Church (Pennsylvania) in 1933, was adopted by the Presbyterian denomination a couple years later, and became an ecumenical movement in the next couple of decades. 

The United Methodist Church participates not only as a sign of the unity of all Christians, but also as an opportunity to take an offering for scholarships for ethnic and minority students. 

I look forward to sharing communion not only with our congregation, but also with out District Superintendent Rev. Betsy Ott as she visits us and holds our annual Church Conference.  And I especially look forward to once again being gathered “in one place.”



Rev. Linda M. Willey