Sept 2013 Newsletter

“Holy is the dish and drain

The soap and sink, the cup and plate

Warm wool socks, the cold white tiles

Showerheads and good dry towels

And frying eggs sound like psalms

With bits of salt measured in my palm

It’s all a part of a sacrament

As holy as the day is spent.”


The above verse is from a song called “Holy as a Day is Spent” by Carrie Newcomer.  In this song, she takes items and events from an ordinary day and sees in them the holy and sacred.  I really like how the song recognizes every element of our lives, however small and seemingly insignificant, as sacred and important to God. 

At the church on September 1, we will celebrate Labor Day, a time when we recognize all who work to make our society and lives function well.  In helping to do so, I invite everyone to bring a symbol of your work, be it what you do for a living, what gives your spirit life in your retirement, or a hobby you find particularly fulfilling.  However small, however ordinary. 

For example, I have seen students bring textbooks, farmers bring hoes or packets of seeds, stay-at-home mothers bring bottles and pacifiers, young children bring their favorite stuffed animals.  I have seen Dr. Seuss books, wooden carved toys, iPhones, computer keyboards, stethoscopes, pencils and pens.  Every Labor Day, I look forward to seeing people’s creativity and originality with the symbols of their work.

We will place these items on the communion table, where we will bless our work along with the communion bread and cup.  We will re-dedicate our work and our lives to God as we remember those who labor in our world.

I look forward to seeing the symbols of work of the people of Fishkill UMC!


Rev. Linda M. Willey