October Newsletter

Opening our Eyes

In his book “Sacred Cows make Great Hamburgers!”  Tom Bandy has some excellent advice for congregations.  Here are a few of his ideas:

No longer settle for friendliness.  Aim at intimacy.

No longer settle for knowledge.  Aim at ecstasy.

Do not define identity by heritage.  Define identity by vision, values and beliefs.

These are intriguing ideas for me, but it was a question he asks that I couldn’t get out of my mind, “What is it about Jesus you cannot live without?”  It is the answer to this question that will define who we are and what we do.

This question needs to be asked on an individual and a congregational level.  What is it about Jesus we cannot live without?  Is it God’s overwhelming love and mercy?  Is it God’s justice and peace?  Is it the hope and salvation in our Lord Jesus Christ?  What is it about Jesus we cannot live without?

I believe that it is only when we are able to answer this question will we be able to move forward in spiritual growth.  We will grow as people and we will grow spiritually as a congregation, keeping Christ at the center of all we do and say.

This is something to think about.  It is not something that has a quick and easy answer; it is personal and it is relational.  What has God done for you lately?  How have you repaid that kindness?  What do those actions look like? Understanding the motivations behind them will open our eyes to a new experience.

It is in those experiences that we will answer the question “What is it about Jesus you cannot live without?”

I ask that we all think about that as we continue to transform and change as individual children of God and as a congregation growing in Christ’s love.

                                                                                                                         Peace be with you all,