June Newsletter

June Newsletter

In the very first newsletter article I wrote when I moved to Fishkill, I introduced myself by talking about my dog, Ruthie.  Ruthie was an English setter who was with me for sixteen years before I had to have her euthanized due to ill health almost two years ago.

I did not plan on getting any other pets.  I was enjoying life without having to worry about the care of a fur-creature when I left town.  Then, on Christmas Day, I met two small, black, furry, purring kittens.  And I fell in love.

The kittens were rescue kittens and had been fostered through an agency that rescues cats.  They are brothers.  They were already litter-box trained, neutered, and had their first round of shots.  They played with each other and slept curled up together.  I told myself that I would never find such a perfect situation.

They came into my home on New Year’s Eve.  I immediately became their servant.  I enjoyed getting all the things that go along with cat ownership, since I had not before owned cats.  Naturally, among all the cat toys I bought, what they enjoy and play with the most is a Coke bottle cap!

Their names are Ben and Alex.  Alex has the orange eyes and Ben has the bright green eyes.  They have grown amazingly since they came into my home and the best guess is that they are about one year old.  They still tear around the house, chasing each other, sliding on the vinyl kitchen floor, and jumping up on window sills.  They still sleep curled up together, and even though they no longer fit on my lap at the same time, they still try!

If you ever need something to curl up on your lap, let me know.  Ben and Alex are available for free cat therapy!



Pastor Linda