February Newsletter

February Newsletter

As you might have heard, on New Year’s Eve, I adopted two rescue kittens. 

Their names are Alex (on the left) and Ben (on the right).  I met them while visiting friends on Christmas Day.  They were fostering these kittens, and the kittens were so friendly and loveable, I just could not resist.  I spent the next few days thinking about adopting them, and since they were already neutered and litter-box trained, I couldn’t think of better timing.  So I filled out an application, and less than a week later, they were mine.

I also couldn’t think of a better subject for this month’s newsletter.  I remembered that when I moved to Fishkill, my very first newsletter article was about my dog Ruthie, including a picture.  While I cannot walk Ben and Alex around the village as I was able to walk Ruthie, I have quickly become very attached.  And I have already spoken about them in almost every sermon I preached in January!

If you find yourself in need of some kitten cuddling, both kittens love sitting on my lap and purring.  I have a very comfortable living room sofa and a few warm blankets.  I have already found “kitten therapy” to be very necessary and good for bringing down my blood pressure during dark and dreary days.  Just let me know!