- August

What does a community look like that is living out its call to be the “people of God?”

In the four-week series we will begin on Sunday, August 14th, called “Imagine the People of God.”  It is based on a song of the same name, written by Dr. Mark Miller, who is the Assistant Professor of Church Music at the Drew Theological School. 

The inspirational theme song asks us to “Imagine the People of God” as we are called to care, share, believe, receive, seek, dream, and change.  We will read passages from the Apostle Paul’s letters to the Romans, Colossians, and Philippians that will help us to enter into this conversation, a conversation that is as old as the Christian faith itself. 

Let’s come together to imagine and create better relationships, better families, better churches, and a better world!  Join us at 10 am Sunday mornings.

August 14        “Imagination”          Ephesians 3:16-21

August 21       “Compassion”            Philippians 2:1-10

August 28       “Transformation”      Romans 12:1-8

September 4      “Fruition”                Galatians 5:13-23

Special note: On September 4, which is Labor Day weekend, you are invited to bring objects that reflect your labor or your hobby to place on our altar.  Along with the elements of Holy Communion, we will dedicate our labors to God. I look forward to seeing your reflections of creativity!