Dear Friends,

After months of thoughtful prayer and discussion, and in light of the church’s current financial struggles, the Staff Parish Relations (Personnel) Committee asked our District Superintendent Rev. Betsy Ott to move our church to a less-than-full-time pastoral appointment (assignment). She relayed that request to the Bishop and Cabinet of the New York Annual Conference, who makes pastoral assignments every year.

On Monday, April 11, the Staff Parish Relations Committee met with Rev. Ott, where she told us that Fishkill UMC would be moved from a full-time appointment to a 3/4 –time appointment. The Bishop and Cabinet are also pairing the church with the Wiccopee Community UMC, which is a ¼ -time appointment. This change will take effect on July 1. I will serve this newly-created appointment and I am very excited about all the possibilities!

This will be a big change for the Fishkill UMC.  Exactly what those changes are at the moment are not known. But the Wiccopee church has been a ¼ -time appointment for many years and they are experienced in working with other churches. 

While the changes for both churches will not be painless, I believe they will be very positive. It will give the Fishkill church some financial relief, as the Wiccopee church will proportionally share the clergy salary package with Fishkill.  It will enable us to continue the ministries we carry out in our area, and even the possibility to expand those ministries.

As details are worked out, we will share them with the congregation.


Rev. Linda Willey