Our theme for Easter this year is “Just As He Told You (When in Doubt, Read the Instructions)”.  I have to admit that with Lent following so closely on the heels of Advent and Christmas, with just four weeks between the two, I spent much more time focusing on Lent than I have on the Easter season, which began with Easter on March 27 and lasts up to May 15, which is Pentecost Sunday.  It’s been in the back of my mind, of course, but I haven’t been consciously thinking about it.


One morning, out of the blue, I connected the title of the theme with a conversation I had the week before.  A couple of weeks earlier, during worship, we had written words of guidance of rocks to someone we thought was lost on their journey.  People wrote “Have faith,” “Look forward,” “You are strong,” “This way,” and many other words on the rocks. 

Bob brought over some liquid sealant to cover the rocks, so that we can use them both inside and outside.  I covered the rocks once then emailed Dot to ask if should do it again.  She said, “I don’t know.  What do the directions say?”

What do the directions say?  I had not bothered to read the instructions given on the can of sealant.  I just brushed the sealant onto the rocks.  When I looked on the can for the directions, I soon gave up trying to locate them amid all the small print on the label.

It was very easy to see that the rocks were in good shape and I did no damage by not reading the instructions.  But in life, things are not always as clear.  It takes much more care and attention in living out my faith in the way that Jesus would have me live it.  My prayer for myself, and for all of you, during this Easter season, is that we pay careful attention to the lives the resurrected Jesus calls us to live, and that we seek the comfort, support, and advice of the Christian community to do so.


Rev. Linda Willey

Join us for our Easter Season worship series,"Just As He Told You  (When in Doubt, Read the Instructions)"

Sunday, April 3  Worship Service, 9:30 a.m./Easter Egg Hunt for children and youth following the service.

April 3              Guest preacher, Rev. Tony Beck

April 10                    "Touch, Heal"

April 17                    "Beware, Don't Worry"

April 24                    "Don't Argue, Agree to Disagree"

May 1                      "Love, the Main Thing"

May 8                      "Live, Now and Forever"

Pentecost, May 15     "Be One in the Spirit"