Bulletin board

These pictures are from our Lent worship series "Gifts of the Dark Wood."  What do they have in common?  They were all created by people from the Fishkill United MethodistChurch!

The altar display was put together by Heather and Tony Henriques.  They have been faithful planning and arranging our altars for around two years.

The black-and-white picture is our bulletin cover, drawn by Kevin Irish.  He and his spouse, Marissa, and step-son, Ian, have been attending worship for about a year.  I found out he is an artist practically by accident, and I am glad I did!

The bulletin board and the table with the rocks and candles were designed by Michelle Olson. The table with the rocks and candles was featured in two emails from the series creator, Dr. Marcia McFee. Those emails were sent to the 450 churches using this series!

I am proud and thankful for the talents of the people in this church.  God has surely blessed us!