December/Jan 2016 newsletter

December/Jan 2016 newsletter

Since we did not have a stewardship series during the Fall, we will offer one during the season between Christmas and Lent.  It is called “Abundance,” and each Sunday will have a specific theme as follows:

January 10:  Abundant Joy

January 17:  Abundant Love

January 24:  Abundant Hope

January 31:  Abundant Good News

(We will dedicate our pledges on this Sunday)

Before each week, I will ask, through bulletins, email, and the church Facebook page, for you to share with me your one or two word descriptions for each Sunday.  For example, for January 10, I will ask for a word or two that describes “joy” for you.  I will take all your words and put them into a word cloud (an example of which is printed on this page) that will be the cover of each Sunday’s bulletin. 

I look forward to sharing this time of sharing how God has abundantly blessed our lives! 


Pastor Linda