Jan 2016 newsletter

all 4 word Clouds

Over the last four weeks, we have experienced our Stewardship series called “Abundance!”  The themes for each Sunday have been “Joy,” Love,” Hope,” and “Good News.”  You had the opportunity to submit words for each theme and I put them in a word cloud to make each week’s bulletin cover.  They are featured on this page.

I thoroughly enjoyed receiving your submissions.  Many of your words made me smile, and some of them brought me almost to tears.  I feel that I got a rare and precious glimpse into many of your hearts, and I deeply appreciate it!

While I do not have the totals of the pledges made, I want to thank you for your faithfulness in your giving to the ministries of Fishkill UMC.  Ongoing efforts have successfully reduced church operating costs, but giving income has also decreased so that the church continues to face financial difficulties. I appreciate your continued support of money, prayer, and time to the ministries of this church.


Pastor Linda