Sept Newsletter

This summer, our church performed a great experiment.  For three Saturdays in July and one Saturday in August, we held worship outside at 5:30 pm.  As you know, Broad Street is a beautiful setting, so our surroundings were lovely.  And while the temperatures were very hot for those of us who set up tables, chairs, and the altar, during worship, under the shade trees, it was quite comfortable. 

We began with a simple dinner, then moved into a time of prayer, singing, scripture reading, and sharing Holy Communion.  Traffic drove by as at a steady pace.  We did not get a lot of “drop-ins,” people who saw us and decided to stop by on a whim.  Even though we had a banner advertising exactly what was going on, it probably looked more like a family reunion than worship to those who have little experience with church and with worship.

But I did not propose this experiment to draw in new people right off the street.  That was not my expectation.  What I wanted to do was to move one thing the church does outside of our doors.  Literally.  With all the land the church has, it was practically a “no-brainer.”  And if we continue this outdoor worship, so that it becomes a habit rather than an experiment, perhaps people will begin drop in.

But we did accomplish something.  We took our witness of the love of Jesus Christ outside of our doors in a tangible way.  It was a good beginning.  I look forward to many more “experiments” of witnessing to Jesus’ love, both new and old.


Rev Linda Willey