July Newsletter

July Newsletter

By the time this is published, we will have had three of our four outdoor Saturday evening worship experiences.  We have begun with dinner, provided by Pari Petrochilos, then moved to a brief time of worship, singing, and sharing of Holy Communion.

This “holy experiment” was a brainwave of mine a few months ago, conceived during several conversations of people talking of how we can reach out to our surrounding neighborhoods.  What better way than to actually move worship outside?  We have the people, we have the property, we have the tables and chairs.  If it rains, we can always move inside to the fellowship hall.  No reason at all not to do it!

As July got closer, I began to second-guess myself.  It could get pretty hot.  Would there be enough people to move what we needed from the fellowship hall outside?  Did I really have any idea what I was doing?


Long story short—yes, we had enough people to do the moving, and the putting away afterward.  The food was delicious.  People enjoyed eating and talking together.  And it was hot.  Very hot, especially the second Saturday.  But that was also the evening that I was privileged to actually see God at work in someone’s life.

As I was about ready to lock up the church after everything was put away, one man caught me by the door.  He said that he had grown up Catholic, but hadn’t received Holy Communion since the 1960’s.  But something told him he should receive that evening, and as an added bonus, his daughter served him.  With a bit of a dazed look on his face, he said, “I have to think about this,” and he walked away to join his family. 

It’s a lesson I learn over and over again: God works in ways I cannot imagine, especially when I am not looking or paying attention.  Even when I am not sure what I am doing, but am faithful to go ahead with some kind of action in spite of my insecurity. 

As our summer continues, I pray that you see ways that God is using you as you go through your days.


Linda Willey