October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Beginning on Sunday, October 12, and lasting through Sunday, November 9, we will be experiencing the stewardship series, “Living Generously.”  This is a series focused on stewardship not only in giving our money to God, but in giving our complete lives to God, and to explore the heart of generosity.

The series focuses on guiding us to discover a way of discussing generosity that is not just about money.  As a pastor, I am not just interested in you giving financially to the church.  I am interested in you embodying Jesus’ generous heart in all aspects of your life. 

During the five-week series, we will be following the story of the Donovan family as their understanding of stewardship grows.  We will also be watching a series of five short films.  On the last Sunday, November 9, you will have the opportunity to make a financial pledge to the ministries of the church for 2015, and commitments of service, should you choose to do so.

This series is a new experience for me!  I am looking forward to sharing this experience with you as we explore the various meanings of stewardship.



Linda Willey