United Methodist Women

Christmas lunch

Q. Who is a member?

A. Any woman who commits herself to the PURPOSE and chooses to belong. There are over 1 million members around the world!

Q. What is the PURPOSE of the group?
A. These UMW women organize in order to:

  1. know God
  2. experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ
  3. develop a creative, supportive fellowship
  4. expand concepts of mission
  5. do all of the above as they participate in global ministries of the church

Q. Is there a small group I can be part of rather than, or in addition to, the large general meeting?
A. Yes!  We are "growing" small groups as interest is expressed.  They meet when and where the group decides.  Currently there is both a monthly and a quarterly Book Club.

Q. What are some of the activities UM Women have taken part in this year in Fishkill?
A. Small groups and activities:

  1. Monthly Book Club meets in homes on a weekday morning for book discussion.  The quarterly Book Club meets on Saturday morning at the church once a quarter.
  2. Annual Election Day Fair (November) to raise money for missions.
  3. Special coffee hours/refreshments as needed or requested.

We want to know your thoughts! Please share with us through this web site, or call the church at 896-9810. What suggestions do you have? What have you seen work in other places? Watch for our next meeting. Come out and give the group a try! We have a spot for you, and if we don’t we will try to make one! YOU are in our prayers. Thank you for sharing your valuable time with us.


The local United Methodist Women are outstanding in their work for the church. The proceeds they obtain from the  Election Day Fair in the fall are used in many diverse mission projects - local, national and international.