December 2012

Dear Friends in Christ,


On the first Christmas, so many years ago, few people realized the miracle of God that was taking place.  Bethlehem was bulging with visitors, yet the birth of Christ occurred out of the public eye, in an isolated stable.  The Son of God came to earth not in the midst of fanfare or clamoring crowds, but in a quiet stall among weary animals.  Only a handful of shepherds and some wandering wisemen celebrated the great good news of the Messiah’s birth.  The miracle of God’s grace showered upon earth went unobserved.  God’s grace went unrecognized and unreceived.  I wonder if the same is true today.

      In this Advent/Christmas season, the bustling crowds in shopping malls, the happy greetings of sidewalk Santas, decorative Christmas trees, and lights on festively adorned houses can overwhelm and usurp our attention.  The many sights and sounds of the season distract us from God and the coming of God’s Son.  Many events and activities claim our time and energy pulling us away from Christ our Lord.  In the midst of all the fuss and flurry, we fail to note the wonderful miracles and the blessings that God gives through Jesus, the Son.  We fail to recognize and joyfully receive the beautiful, bountiful gift of God’s grace.

      “How silently, how silently” God’s wondrous gifts are given, even today.  The comfort of God’s loving presence, the mercy of sins forgiven, the joy of second chances, the hope of new life and new beginnings, the miracle of the Word made flesh, the promise of eternity, these are blessings that can’t be heard or seen but have power to transform our lives and renew all creation.

      In this sacred season, may we be attentive to God’s quiet movement in our midst as God touches the world with love.  May each of us be open to the grace of God made know in the holy child, Jesus, grateful that “where meek souls will receive him, still the dear Christ enters in.”



                                                                                 Christ’s Love & Peace Be With You All,


                                                                                    Rev. Peggy Ann Sauerhoff