April 2011 Newsletter

Dear Friends in Christ Jesus,

Holy Week approaches, that sacred time in which we observe our Lord's confrontation with sin and death. Journeying through Palm Sunday to Maundy Thursday to Good Friday, we walk with our Lord through the last days of his earthly life and witness the struggle between darkness and light, sin and salvation, death and life. In those final days we see the kingdoms of this world rise up against the Kingdom of God and we wait to see what God will do. I hope that each of us will prayerfully meditate on the events of Holy Week so that we can fully celebrate and appreciate the joy of Easter.

In his last week on earth, Jesus spoke the truth in love, not counting the cost. Jesus intentionally prepared his disciples for the trouble and anguish that was to come. Jesus sorrowed at the supper over the imminent desertion of his followers. Jesus wrestled in the garden as he sought to understand and accept God's will for his life. Jesus turned the other cheek as people mocked him, and beat him, and led him off to die. Jesus suffered on the cross, bearing the world's pain and sin on his shoulders. In this Holy Week, Jesus is for us a model of sacrificial love. Jesus reveals, as we have never seen before, the life of humble, obedience to which we all are called.

Easter means nothing, if we have no appreciation for the quality of Christ's life or the cost of his death. Easter means nothing if we have not confronted the powers of sin and darkness that sought to overcome our Lord. Without an understanding of the force of sin and death, we cannot begin to comprehend the magnitude of Christ's victory. Easter means nothing, if we have not stood at the foot of the cross and watched Love die for our redemption.

May your Easter be rich and full of meaning because you have pondered your Lord's last days, walked with him to the cross, and experienced his great sacrifice for your salvation. May your Easter be rich and full of meaning because you know that Jesus died for you and He lives that you might have eternal life with him.

God bless you with a rich and meaningful Easter!

Yours in Christ's Love,

Peggy Ann Sauerhoff