Our Building & History

Front of Our Church
Stained Glass in the Sanctuary

The Church now standing at the corner of Broad and Smith Streets is the original building. The cornerstone was laid on October 17, 1838 and the building was completed on December 23, 1841. In those days it was the custom to build a Methodist Church with only a belfry - no steeple.

In 1862 rent was charged for the use of the pews. (There's no charge today!) For the period of 1868-80, the membership ranged between 54 and 143. Today it numbers almost 600. Electric lights were installed in the Church in 1913 at a cost of $72. A Greek-Corinthian column was salvaged from a local mansion in 1939 and split in half. The resultant two pilasters grace the wall behind the pulpit.

During late 1987, it was found that the original roof trusses of the Church were failing and required replacing. The Trustees moved rapidly, found a qualified contractor and renovation began on April 4, 1988. Thirty-three days later the job was completed - including refurbishing the Sanctuary with greatly improved lighting. While construction was in progress, Sunday services were held in the Fellowship Hall. The Sanctuary was reopened for worship on May 22, 1988.

The Sanctuary was air conditioned during 1998. A brick parsonage was erected next to the church in 1865 for $2,344. The site was being used for burials. To prepare this site, arrangements were made to relocate the graves in the Fishkill Rural Cemetery. During 1991-92, the building was extensively renovated to include a full front porch. It is now being rented.

The present parsonage at 20 Broad Street was purchased in 1966 to meet the specifications of the New York Conference and is located on more spacious grounds. In late 1956, a three-story addition was built perpendicularly and adjoining the back of the Church. This expansion provided a number of classrooms, an enlarged Fellowship Room, and offices for the Pastor and Secretary.

Since 1853, 52 pastors have served the Church. Rev. William R. Siktberg served the longest, from 1966 to 1988 - retiring to Indiana. He was succeeded by Rev. Robert E. Richmond, who retired in June, 1999 and moved to North Carolina. Rev. Arlene Beechert-Hood, appointed by the Bishop, became the spiritual leader of this church on July 1, 1999. Rev. Peggy Ann Sauerhoff served us from 2002 until June, 2013.  Our pastor, Rev. Linda Willey, came to us in July of 2013.